Taste of … Antwerp?

This weekend we went to the so-called ‘Antwerpen proeft’ which translates as the Taste of Antwerp. This is an annualy organized local gastronomy festival in Antwerp (combined with a local beer festival) where restaurants, specialty food shops and deli stores exhibit and sell regional products, their house specialties or the local delicacies. At one of the stands they were offering the famous Belgian strawberries dipped in the even more famous Belgian chocolate. Milk, dark, white…yumm. And with what other poster could you attract more passers-by than something like this? (For those of you in doubt or you who can’t believe your eyes: yes, it is dripping down on her chin.)

And while I was surfing on the net to be able to give you a link to the website of the festival, I found out that the main image on their official website is equally neutral and “woman friendly.” Admire the blond girl’s facial expression for a moment.

Once again: what about using other (i.e. inoffensive) images, like a photo of a restaurant, a chef cooking, or a plate of food?!

Dear Antwerp, this is such nice festival and a good initiative, and you could do so much better.