The Headless Women of Hollywood

For anyone who has missed this amazing Tumblr-blog, check it out. It showcases posters of Hollywood movies that feature decapitated women. And there are many. (For some more advanced feminist theory on the subject of the male gaze read Laura Mulvey’s influential essay entitled Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.)

Although this is a French movie, you get the idea.

Shoes and boobs

I am pretty sure Converse knows the answer to what the links is between shoes for men and female breasts… How sad from a brand that otherwise desperately tries to project the image of being hip. This is all you got??? Total lack of creativity. (By the way, while we are at it, why does she even need to wear panties? Hypocrites.)

An oldie but goldie

A few years ago, when I was working for a television company that had many niche channels in its portfolio (among them a cooking channel), we received an invitation to the “grand opening” of a new candy shop/ patisserie in downtown Budapest because we featured their cakes previously in one of our shows.

O p e n i n g  party. I did not find it funny then, and I don’t find it funny now – I have found it quite offensive in fact. #notbuyingit, Sugar Shop.


(I will discuss the hashtag in another post in detail, but here is more info from the Missrepresentation website: “People worldwide are using hashtag #NotBuyingIt to call-out sexism in the media. Let the media know: sexism won’t sell. Use #NotBuyingIt on Twitter to challenge the misrepresentation of women and girls.”)

Seriously? Newsweek?!

Apparently it was not only me who found the latest cover of Newsweek extremly startling. First I thought they “only” featured this cover photo for the international edition, but then I found out that the US national edition was exactly the same. Not surprisingly, it caught other people’s attention as well.

So when you run an article on the “101 best places to eat in the world,” do you really need to print a close-up of an unknown woman’s open and suggestive lips and a phallic-looking vegetable to attract more readers? Couldn’t something else have sufficed, like a nicely photographed plate of food? Or a picture of a restaurant?

Major letdown from a magazine like Newsweek.