Human Trafficking

“Approximately 800 000 people are trafficked annually across international borders. After the illegal sale of drugs and weapons, the most profitable criminal business is human trafficking.” (A great majority of these are women and children.)

This docudrama will make you think twice about prostitution (yes, even the red light districts of the cities of the Netherlands and Belgium), and about the scale of organized crime. It is an utterly realistic and very disturbing movie that leaves a long-lasting impression. It is the kind of story that will make you “want to do something about this thing.” It features three stories that run parallel: in Prague, Czech Republic, the single mother Helena is seduced by a successful handsome man and travels with him to spend a weekend in Vienna, Austria; in Kiev, Ukraine, the sixteen-year-old Nadia is selected by a model agency and travels to the United States with the other selected candidates; in Manila, Philippines, the twelve-year-old American tourist Annie Gray is abducted in front of her parents. In common, the girls become victims of a powerful international network of sex traffickers leaded by the powerful Sergei Karpovich (brilliantly played by the versatile Robert Carlyle). Mira Sorvino, herself an activist against human trafficking, plays a Russian-American NYPD agent, who convinces  the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief  (Donald Sutherland) to hire her, promising that she is a good candidate for fighting this type of crime. (More info on imdb.)

Here is the first part of the movie:

The other parts you will find on catseatnaos’s channel on YouTube. Expect to get hooked.

Catwoman – an amorphous superhero?

“What’s wrong is when the person being sexualized is no longer being treated as a ‘person’ but as a collection of parts – in the case of Catwoman as a bust and a butt.” Even the male author of the post on Badass Digest find this portrayal of Catwoman “too much,” and calls it an “embarrassment.” He adds: “What they ended up with is a woman contorted in a position that is physically impossible for humans with bones, and a cover that must outrage any decent human being.” I am not a comic book reader, but it does outrage me.

Apparently this portrayal of Catwoman attracted a lot of attention and ridicule. Comics&Cola assembled a few of them, here is two:


Street Harassment

Does it feel like this for other girls as well?

It is rarely a compliment. It is scary and it makes you panic. You never know which one is actually a nice guy and which one is a psychopath. Shall I say something back? Shall I remain silent? Shall I pretend that I did not hear? What is worse?

Which one will anger him?

Thanks to Lefty Cartoons‘s Barry Deutsch.