Shoes and boobs

I am pretty sure Converse knows the answer to what the links is between shoes for men and female breasts… How sad from a brand that otherwise desperately tries to project the image of being hip. This is all you got??? Total lack of creativity. (By the way, while we are at it, why does she even need to wear panties? Hypocrites.)

2 thoughts on “Shoes and boobs

  1. Amazingly ridiculous! JUst saw this as I was finding out how to complain against “fairness advertisements” which is the latest epidemic on Indian media. Most of them position fairness creams as a pre-requisite for personal and professional growth in women, believe it or not!

    • They have similar products in the US and I also read multiple times that the fact that black women use hair straighteners is also part of this phenomenon. Really really sad!

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